Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Savouring Time

Thanks to a sweet friend I realized that I do have a blog (HAHA). It's been such a long time since I've written that I am not sure where to start except to just tell you what we're doing now.

For starters Bryant is now in Kindergarden. I am not sure I can write about it without crying. The first day Chris and I both took him to school. He walked right in and never looked back.....until one of his teachers said, "Bryant, you need to say good-bye to your mom." He came over and gave me a big hug. I went to let go and he hung on like he just needed a few more seconds. That was the moment I lost it. He was fine, but I think he sensed I was having a hard time. I kissed his little neck and scooted out as fast as possible. Thank God Chris was directly behind me and diverted Bryant's attention. I went to the hallway and cried like a baby. Friends of mine in the hallway joined me in my tears and some were even mad at me for making them cry. I guess they felt safe to cry since someone else had broken the ice.

He is doing great and loves that he is learning to read. The only thing he said he doesn't like is that he has to sit still. But I am sure that is true for all 5 year old boys. Right?

Lukas is in 3 year old pre-school 3 days a week. He wants to go everyday since brother is now going everyday. I am thankful for the days that I have alone with him. He and I sing lots of songs really loud in the car and go shopping together. He is definatley a better shopper than Bryant. He loves to go to the grocery store. His teachers say that they love that he gets soooooo excited about everything. He is a happy little man and is a momma's boy. Chris says I got just what I wanted. It is only fair that at least one of my children like me. He tells Chris that he can't kiss him because those are momma's kisses. I usually tell him to share, but sometimes I am probably a little selfish!!!

I am still staying at home and working about 8-10 days a month. I almost went back to work part-time, but after much prayer I didn't feel right about going back. Chris and I went on a trip to Australia and New Zeland in August. It was quite and I had time to think. Never knew I missed thinking soooo much. LOL But at the end of the trip I knew that God had provided the opportunity for me to be at home and that I would know when the right time was to go back. And now wasn't it. After the first month of school I am so glad that I am at home. I love to take and pick the boys up from school. I love to help Bryant do his homework, and I love that I can take care of the house and other things so that when Chris gets home at night and on the weekends we can just have fun being together.

Chris still travels a good bit I am use to it now and actually like the time to do my 'Little Projects" while he is away.

I will post some picture of the boys and our trip to Australia and New Zeland.

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